Sunday, July 3, 2011


We named you Aditya for the Sun God. Searching for a name for you was a big task. Your Dad had "Tejasvi" in his mind but when I googled it (Thanks to Google) it turned out to be a Girl's name. So inorder to avoid a lashing from our own son when he grows up we turned to other names. Your Dad was against the name Aditya since all those persons with their names starting in 'A' would go first in line for each and everything. Like exams, Viva,interviews etc ;)

In the end we did not find any other good names and hence named you Aditya and that too thinking about the characters we both know in our lives who has the same name. Luckily all Adityas we know of are harmless :)

Today on July 1st you turned on your back first time on your own....I was soooo happy and proud. I was worried sick since your child therapist told that you have slightly Stiffened muscles on your legs. But the way in which you are moving your hands and legs,no one would think that you have stiff muscles...

Darling baby,you are a feast for the eyes.....Your smile would capture everyone's heart and your dad is already worried that his market would go down when you come to age !!!! :D

Always keep a smiling face and face this world..... I wish you all the good luck in this world..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Journey so far..... we are one and a half month old...

First of all ..Welcome my darling to this world !!!!!! It was a small boy who was kicking all this time and I thought you might be a girl... You proved to be as impatient as your Mom when you decided to make an entry to this world almost one month prior to your actual date and now here you are ...a small cute little boy who brought joy to our lives.. Let me tell you what happened after that last post on feb 1st... Everything was going smoothly (or I believed so ) till we went to the routine checkup on 7th Feb. Doctor was tensed to see that the water which covers you (amniotic fluid) has become less all of a sudden and that means trouble in Captial T. Moreover I had light swelling on my feet..Doctor advised immediate admission to the hospital where they can do a thorough checkup.. I was worried so was everyone. But we thought nothing about it as it was only a 2 day admission to the hospital. But on the second day in hosptial doctor told us that it is not safe to go back home at this stage since the liquid is less and that would mean that baby should be taken out anytime. My BP went slightly higher hearing all these and so did sugar level. But we managed some how..didnt we baby??

13th Feb: Junior doctors found that blood flow to you from my body has become less and that further check up is needed. I felt you moved little less compared to the other days. I was rushed to labor room where they did more tests. I even went out to another clinic to get a second opinion. By then doctors advised me not to get up from bed. Sitting in chair was out of question !!! It was more or less confirmed that you might make an entrance to this world on Valentine's day!!!! I was planning to name you Valeee :) :)

14th Feb: A miracle happened while I was lying in the scanning room. I was praying to all Gods to give me some good news and so did everyone else. Doctor did the scanning and told that it is really amazing to see that there is considerable improvement in my condition and that we can wait longer to take you out. By then you were 34 weeks.. We stayed all the time in hospital and went through all routine scans till Feb 20th.

On Feb 20th doctor told that baby stopped growing in the womb as there is no space and due to irregular blood flow. It would be better if we take the baby out at the earliest. She then told me to be ready for the C-Section for the next day.

20th Feb: I was in labor room the entire day. I was wishing to see your Dad or your grandmother so much but had the bad fortune to see some relatives who jumped the hospital rules to see me. Let me tell you ..I was least impressed. Here I was wishing for a familiar face and I was shown some least impressive faces. That night Sleep evaded me and I was constantly listening for your heart beat and movements. I wished I could talk to you then... I was feeling all alone in that dark labor room. There was a duty nurse whom I have to thank for as she gave me confidence to face the operation. I would never forget her smiling face or her words of confidence. May god bless her..

21st Feb: The d-day has come. I was told to wear a gown and to tie my hair in both the sides as pig tails :) I was looking silly let me tell you...I was wheeled to the Operation theatre by 7.45AM. I could not control when I saw my Mom, your Dad and my dad waiting for me in front of the theatre. I controlled my tears then. I was feeling like I was going to an unknown place where all around you are strangers and that your life depends on them. The only familiar face was that of my doctor who was my Mom's classmate. That was my only consolation. When I was lying on that Operation table looking at those huge lights overhead, I was feeling whether I would make out of here alive... Operation procedures started all of a sudden at 8.15AM and all the talking stopped in the theatre. I was anesthetized wais down and they held a curtain in front of me so that I won’t see what is happening down there.. All of a sudden I heard a cry so loud that it brought me tears.. I was completely in tears when they told me that "Its a Boy"!!!!! Here I was waiting to hold you after 8 months of waiting but had to give you off to doctors for prenatal care. I could not even touch you.... The first thing my doctor told when she took you out was " He is really an active child" Then did not have to make you cry since you came in to this world by crying out loud... Love you my baby... Please grow up fast...It is almost 1 and a half months since you were born and every day is a wonder to me as you learn new things and you teach me new things.. I have lots to write but will write it down soon .. I dont want to forget these events which changed my life for ever....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A knitted cap for you !!!!

Yes my dear, your mom suddenly became a domesticated mom and as it shows in a typical indian movie, i took up a pair of knitting needles and started knitting. At First it was a shapeless mess, later it was turning out to be a table mat in round shape. And it struck me..I can make a cap out of it !!!!
Slowly I started the knitting in that route and Voila!!!! a funny cap was born..Im really sorry that you will have to wear it and not to complain but this is my first gift for you darling....I hope you will like it :) :)
And you dad says hi...He is missing you so much now a days as he is in Bangalore and we are at my place......
We love you so much and dont plan your entrance till it is time for you to come out.... We would be here to protect you darling...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Im bored !!!!

Dear baby

Today I felt like kicking someone as I was feeling really bored... I wonder how you get over your boredome... Oh Yes!!! You kick me !!!!!! Now I got it.. Whenever you feel bored you are kicking me. Just because you are inside and Im outside means you can kick me anytime mind you!!!
I will take my revenge when you come out...
I'm on high protein Diet as Doc says that you are on the smaller side.. all those kicking is giving you great excercise I believe and thats why maybe you are not putting on weight.. Please grow up fast....
Love you little darling.. Waiting patiently..Ahem !!! to see you :) :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doc's appointment for 32 weeks

To be frank, Im not sure whether im in 32nd week or in 31st week. Anyways I think Im somewhere in the middle of 31 and 32. Doc took a look at my baby today and she thinks baby might make an early appearance to this world than the expected date. But there are no causes for concerns. Delivery might be pre-poned by 1 or 2 weeks.
Maybe baby also got my impatience :) :) And he/ She is little small in size. It may have come from the dad's side of family where in everyone are underweight including my hubby. He was a small baby and still is underweight for his height.
Im supposed to eat more now and that is one thing which I dont have any problems with :) But exercise.. that is something which I hate doing. But for you baby ,Im going for walking also. . So you better take good care of me in my old days.. I have been eating all sorts of veggies which I hate just for you !! And I have not had a chocolate in past 2 -3 months !!!!!!!!
Love you my baby :) :) It is quite funny when you run around when I try to catch you to hear your heart beat using a stethoscope. Last night I and your Grand dad tried catching you and still you managed to escape. I will catch u soon... Till that time you run around :) :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Its 32 weeks !!!!!

As lazy as I am, I wonder how i managed to log back in...But still the baby kicks and news makes me want ot write and share his/ her story...

I feel that my baby responds really well to her/ his dad.. whenever he is around I feel the sharp jabs and when he talks he gets the kicks as well.

As I entered to my third trimester, I stopped working. The best part was that ,it was not because of my baby that I had to stop working but my project work got over at the same time when I was planning to take my break.. It all coincided perfectly that I would never have the feeling that because of my baby I had to leave something which I love the most. God is great !!!!!

Today I reached my mom's place where I would be staying for next 4 months..I miss my dear friend my husband a lot ...I feel that the baby also misses him. whenever i think of him i feel the kick !!! and when he calls the kicks are ever sharper..

Im just waiting to start the new life with just 3 of us...Praying for nothing untoward to happen...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Changes Changes all around !!!

Dear Baby... I will tell you one secret today. Your dad never was the one to get tied to a marriage. He did not want to get married just for the reason that his kids would climb on his bike and scratch the bike's petrol tank :):) !!!!!!!
After 7 yrs of meeting him he never changed this attitude until today. Today we were talking of how to take you out in a two wheeler when you are growing up and guess what he told me.. Me and my kid will go in my bike and I dont care even if he / she scratches the petrol tank!!!!!!
His bike is his first wife and I come second and to hear him talking like this was a real miracle :)
He is already planning for your two wheeler license and your adventure trips with him...

We are eagerly waiting for your little one who is going to change our lives forever. We ( I and your day) do not think much about future and get worried about it unnecessarily and hence we are really looking forward to welcome this change in your life which you would be bringing.

Just praying that you would come to us safely so that we can show our gratitude to you for coming into our lives. you have already brought so many changes for us and we are hoping for more good changes....