Sunday, July 3, 2011


We named you Aditya for the Sun God. Searching for a name for you was a big task. Your Dad had "Tejasvi" in his mind but when I googled it (Thanks to Google) it turned out to be a Girl's name. So inorder to avoid a lashing from our own son when he grows up we turned to other names. Your Dad was against the name Aditya since all those persons with their names starting in 'A' would go first in line for each and everything. Like exams, Viva,interviews etc ;)

In the end we did not find any other good names and hence named you Aditya and that too thinking about the characters we both know in our lives who has the same name. Luckily all Adityas we know of are harmless :)

Today on July 1st you turned on your back first time on your own....I was soooo happy and proud. I was worried sick since your child therapist told that you have slightly Stiffened muscles on your legs. But the way in which you are moving your hands and legs,no one would think that you have stiff muscles...

Darling baby,you are a feast for the eyes.....Your smile would capture everyone's heart and your dad is already worried that his market would go down when you come to age !!!! :D

Always keep a smiling face and face this world..... I wish you all the good luck in this world..

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